Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair glass repairs.

Low-cost, safe repairs to glass damage.

Whether your windscreen has been damaged by a stone chip or another cause: we are able to remedy minor glass damage quickly, safely and at low cost with SmallRepair – without having to replace the entire windscreen.

Usually your insurance will pay for this work.

In most cases you will need to pay nothing for SmallRepair glass repairs. Your insurance will bear the complete costs. Normally even your deductible will be covered.

So that you are always on the road safely.

Your safety takes precedence:the windscreen repair ensures the uncompromised stability of the windscreen – and perfect visibility. With SmallRepair your repaired windscreen will look as if nothing had happened. Should a repair not be possible in some cases, we will quote you a favourable price for a new Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen.

You can rely on Mercedes-Benz quality from the experts.

Mercedes-Benz windscreen repair meets the strictest quality standards: Our experts repair the windscreen of your Mercedes with utmost care. Exclusively high-quality materials are used  – a contribution to the value retention of your Mercedes.
Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair windscreen repair is an offer from our Mercedes-Benz Repair™ services. The bodywork, paint and glass programme from the experts.

We are happy to advise you free of charge.

Free of charge and without any further obligation, find out from us whether a Mercedes-Benz SmallRepair windscreen repair makes sense for your vehicle. Why not make an appointment right now?